$5.99 Labels For Lunch Boxes!!

Perfect for Lunch Boxes, Drink Bottles & Sports Gear.

Long Lasting  & Super Sticky Microwave Proof and Dishwasher Proof Labels.  Ideal for Daycare and Schools

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Mini Iron On Labels

15% Discount on our awesome mini iron/sew on clothing labels. Enter code ‘4 Sept19′ at checkout to avail of this discount.

Price down to $11.04

Tag your shirts,trousers and even socks and personalise them with your own design! Ideal for daycare, schools and even nursing homes, to tag clothes and socks of seniors.

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Iron On Labels - Mid Size

Keep track of your Clothing with our cute iron on name labels. Grab our super durable 75 mid-sized iron on labels pack.

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Suitable for Daycare, Schools and even Rest Homes for Seniors


Try one of our super sticky and highly durable daycare label bundles and track all your belongings -bottles, shoes & clothes

Personalize your name with a choice of 50+ cute designs and 5 color backgrounds. Use Code 4Daycare19 at checkout

Starting from $12.99




Use our super sticky name stickers to write with a permanent marker pen and way you go!

Choice of non-clothing, clothing and iron on name labels.

$18 for a full sheet of labels

Deal of the Month!

A great value pack consisting of 75 iron on/sew on labels of different sizes catering to all your clothing needs. The labels are long lasting and laundry proof and for an amazing price of just $17.99 down from $24.99.

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Precious Labels – Customised Quality Sticky Labels

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Durable and cost-effective sticky labels that make your life simple. Whether you need to label your kids clothes, school, daycare stuff or sports gear, Precious Labels has all of your needs covered. Our self-adhesive name labels are perfect for your everyday needs.

Peel it, stick it, forget it! It will all come back home!

Fundraising with StickOnTags

Sell our quality personalised kids name labels, stick on uniform labels and name tags for adults.

Precious Labels would love to help raise money for your organisation!

Our fundraising programmes are designed to work for all sorts of groups.