Quality and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to us at Precious Labels.

All products are conditionally guaranteed by Precious Labels Limited for a period of 30 days. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of a product, please contact us at info@preciouslabels.co.nz. We may arrange to replace it at our discretion.

General wear and tear or inappropriate use of the product is not covered under this warranty. You may be asked to return the product to us for inspection and/or send photos so that we can conduct further quality control investigations to ensure another fault does not occur.

Return / Refund Policy

Please ensure that the details provided for printing are correct. Since each order is personalised it has no re-sale value, therefore All Sales Are Final. Refunds are not usually given if you change your mind, make a wrong decision or provide incorrect details (incorrect postal details).

If we verify that we have made an error at our end, we will re-print the order. There will be No Refunds or Credits. Customers must inform Precious Labels (either by phone or email: info@preciouslabels.co.nz) within 5 business days of order acceptance to notify us of any defects. In order to receive a replacement, customers must return 100% of the product within 10 working days (at their own expense) from the time notified. Replacement orders will be sent out after the products have been received. All charges related to courier delivery are NON REFUNDABLE. Please allow 5 -10 working days for us to process a refund request.

And remember, we’re always here to help! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.