About Precious Labels

Using marker pens on masking tapes to name your kids belongings just doesn’t feel right when you have paid top dollars for a durable drink bottle that you know will at some stage get mixed up on the soccer field.

Frustrated with constantly losing our kids belongings, first at daycare and now at school,  we have researched the market to introduce personalised self-adhesive name labels that are super durable, at very affordable prices.

At Precious Labels, we have gone a step further by providing convenient StickOnTags for naming clothing labels in addition to the traditional Iron On labels. We guarantee that our label bundles will make your life simple! Our strong customer reviews on Google and independent rating website Trustpilot is a testament to the quality of our products and exceptional service levels.

Through our fundraisers we provide labels to several schools and day care centres in the country. We also offer labels to rest homes and retirement villages and are a preferred supplier to several such organisations in New Zealand.

We are a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope that you find the range of products useful. If you do have suggestions, please let us know via email at admin@preciouslabels.co.nz. Good ideas are always welcome!

Don’t lose another of your precious items!

Get one of our handy label bundles and Tag em’ all!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Precious Labels is proud to present the very best in customised waterproof and heatproof sticky name labels that can tolerate  dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and dryers. All you do is peel, stick, tag and wait for 24 hours before the first wash cycle. It’s just that simple!
Our StickOnTags is a new product that sticks on clothing tags and won’t come off.

Thank you for being a part the of the Precious Label family.
Get ready to ‘tag ‘em all!’

Find out about Fundraising

We primarily sell our products through our website. However, we often also organise fundraisers for schools, daycares and sports clubs.

Our sticky name tag fundraising programmes are easy for all sorts of organisations.