Fundraising FAQs

I would like to start a fundraiser. Where do I begin?

Great! Go to this link and enter the details of your organisation. Once your details have been submitted and processed, your organisation will become active to start fundraising.

Precious Labels will provide you with your unique URL and a coupon code unique to your fundraiser programme. We will also email you your Username and Password to track the progress of your fundraiser on our website.

Are there any fees to join your programme and what is your commission rate?

No there are no fees to join our fundraiser programmes. Our programme earns you 20% commission on all regular priced items and 5% on promotional items including GST.

How long does your fundraising programme last?

As long as you like it! A month or a year! Its up to you.

Our fundraising programme can run for the whole year and you can carry the account forward as long as you like.

Are all products on the website eligible to earn a commission?

Yes! All products across the Precious Label range are eligible to for a commission.

How do we receive commissions?

We will debit the commission earned into the nominated bank account for your organisation. Commissions are paid directly into the nominated bank account on 20th of every month.

Do you need a code to be eligible for a commission?

Yes! When you register with us, we will generate a specific coupon code for your group. This code must be entered into the Coupon Code box on all purchases to ensure your fundraiser earns commissions.

As commissions cannot be added retrospectively to a fundraiser once the transaction has been made, please ensure that you include your fundraiser code in all your communications.

How do we track our fundraiser?

Precious Labels will provide you with a unique User name and Password for you to log into our Affiliates link to track your fundraiser programme. You can see how many orders have been received with your fundraiser code and how much commission your organisation has earned.

What is the fundraising web address (Store URL) and how does it work?

We will generate a a specific fundraising web address (Store URL) for your organisation through our website. You can circulate this link on all your communications with families and group members. The URL will automatically add your fundraising code in the Coupon Code box in the Basket / Checkout.

Can you provide us with some marketing material?

Yes we can! We can provide you with a promotional flyer with your promotional code that can be circulated. Email us on and we will send you a pdf flyer with your fundraising details ready for circulation.

What happens if I forget the password?

Use the Reset my Password button on the Affiliates login page.

How do we close our account?

Accounts can be closed by contacting us at