Personalised Name Clothing Labels

Try our personalized self-adhesive or iron-on clothing labels to keep track of your kids’ belongings! Whether it’s their lunch boxes or bottles or that bottle of sunscreen, we have all your needs covered. Check out our self-adhesive StickOnTags or Iron On clothing labels.

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Precious Labels is proud to present the very best in customised waterproof and heatproof sticky name labels that can tolerate  dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and dryers. All you do is peel, stick, tag and wait for 24 hours before the first wash cycle. It’s just that simple!
Our StickOnTags is a new product that sticks on clothing tags and won’t come off.

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Find out about Fundraising

We primarily sell our products through our website. However, we often also organise fundraisers for schools, daycares and sports clubs.

Our sticky name tag fundraising programmes are easy for all sorts of organisations.