When we think of clothing labels, we often focus on their primary use to identify ownership of clothes. However, there are many surprising ways to use clothing labels NZ, especially iron-on labels and personalized stickers. We’ll talk about the different uses for clothing labels in this blog post that will go beyond their traditional use.

Other Use Of Iron On Labels NZ

Iron on labels can be used in many situations beyond labeling clothes. Here are some surprising ways in which you can use iron on labels in your everyday life:

  1. Organize clothing in a shared household: Iron on labels can be useful for families or shared households with many people who share a laundry room. Instead of having piles of clothing accumulated for everyone, assign an iron on label to each person’s clothing, so it is easy to spot who is responsible for which items.
  2. For special events: When planning a wedding, baby shower, or other special event, you can utilize iron on labels for personalisation on clothing and item decor. Adding the name of the special person or the date of the event will create a memorable keepsake for everyone who attends.
  3. Labeling shoes: For children who are always losing one of their shoes, adding an iron on label with their name can help ensure their shoes come home with them from school or daycare.


Other Uses Of Iron On Name Labels NZ

Iron on name labels NZ are often used to label uniforms and clothes, but there are plenty of other ways to use them too:

  1. Label blankets and bedding: You can use these labels to mark blankets, sheets, and pillowcases, especially if you plan on sending them to a campsite or dorm room.
  2. Label towels: Iron on name labels are also a great way to mark towels, which is particularly helpful if you’re sharing a towel with others, such as at a gym or swimming pool.
  3. Mark reusable bags: You can also use these labels to mark your reusable shopping bags, so you can easily identify them when you go grocery shopping.


Team Uniforms Personalised Stickers NZ

Personalised stickers can be a great way to customize not only team uniforms but also other clothing items. Here are some of the ways in which you can use personalised stickers for your team:

  1. Promote team branding: Personalised stickers can be used to brand your team with your logo and team colors, providing a sense of unity and identity.
  2. Identify team members: Personalised stickers can also be used to identify team members, especially if you have a lot of employees/players in your team.
  3. Add employee/player names and numbers: Personalised stickers can be used to add employee/player names and numbers to uniforms, making it easier to identify.

Overall, clothing labels, including iron on labels, iron on name labels and personalised stickers, can serve a range of purposes beyond simply labeling clothes. Whether you’re looking to identify your child’s school supplies, label blankets and bedding, or use them for special events, there are plenty of creative ways to make use of clothing labels in your everyday life.